Cosmetics, personal care, home care, foodstuff.
Alcohol is essential to our habits, to our everyday lives.
It is not just about soul. It is also beauty.


Liquid and irreplaceable

Don’t be fooled by the word. Neutral does not mean without depth, body and usefulness. On the contrary, it means precisely the opposite.

Neutral alcohol is ethanol and it is part of the family of alcohols for use in the food industry, i.e. to make beverages or foodstuff.

It has been called neutral precisely because no raw material taste or scent of the raw material of origin must be perceived. There are various kinds available on the market: from those made with beet molasses, to fruit and cereals.

Here at Distillerie Di Lorenzo, we make it from wine and it is the finest variety.

It leaves the factory with an alcohol by volume percentage equal to 96.5%.

This is the alcohol content that you find, for instance, in a typical liqueur such as Marsala or Port, or any kind of Vermouth or aromatised wine (based on wine, alcohol, sugar and aromatic extracts, not to be mistaken with wines obtained from aromatised grapes such as moscato or Gewürztraminer), which are very popular in France.

Ethanol is present in our everyday lives.

It is also used in the confectionery industry, to make aromas or extracts, as well as to make the sliced bread that you usually buy from the supermarket.

It has exceptional antimicrobial properties, it prevents mould from proliferating in the healthiest possible way.

How could we do without it?



Noble discards

Alcohol for industrial use (or raw alcohol) is the distillate with the highest amount of impurities.

However, this does not mean that it is not useful, far from that.

It is made by processing wine dregs, grape marcs and excess wine. It has a minimum alcohol by volume content of 92%, which makes it a fairly unrefined product.

It is obtained by distillation without separating the heads from the tails, that is by conserving the initial and final part of the distillation process (usually containing the product’s impurities), including the products discarded from the distillate production process.

Raw, impure and yet, as already mentioned, very useful. At Distillerie Di Lorenzo, we use it for the denaturation process as a basic ingredient for future processing.

While alcohol for industrial use is the most impure, rectified extra-neutral (REN) alcohol is the most noble. It involves a different, additional manufacturing process.

In colloquial language, we say that it is “refined”.

This means that the heads and tails are separated, commencing precisely with the “raw” alcohol.

This leads to an alcohol with an alcoholic content similar to “neutral” alcohol (96% by volume), except that it has a detectable smell.

At Di Lorenzo, we use it as the basic ingredient for special denaturation or we sell it as an intermediate product for industrial processing.

It is also used to make special glue and plastic, or as a basic ingredient for paint or resins, as an antifreeze product for large industrial plants.

They are also a component of the lining material for the inside of cans containing fizzy drinks.

Sometimes discarded parts can be very useful.



The family friend

This kind of alcohol is perhaps the most commonly used in homes.

It is the so-called “pink alcohol”.

It has a unique smell and can be used for a variety of purposes, for instance to clean floors, glass surfaces, furniture or any other kind of smooth surface.

At Di Lorenzo, we produce some million litres of it a year and sell it to third parties. There are two alcoholic contents: 90.1% and 94% on the total volume.

But how is it made?

This product is made through the denaturation of raw alcohol.

By law it must contain very low concentrations of other substances (thiophene, denatonium benzoate, methyl ketone) and, above all, a colouring agent: reactive red. It is precisely the latter which provides the characteristic pink colour to the mix.

The mandatory governmental requirement is mainly due to two factors:

• the bright colour means that it can be easily identified, making it impossible to swallow it accidentally;
• using these additives prevents any additional filtering, as it would be laborious and expensive to conduct.



It makes you look more beautiful

How many times have you stepped into a beauty store or pharmacy and purchased cosmetics? A number of times, I suppose.

The basic ingredient of those fragrances could be one of our products: special denatured ethyl alcohol.

At Di Lorenzo, we make it by processing rectified extra-neutral alcohol (REN).

We produce two kinds of it, “A” and “B”.
The letters correspond to two different denaturation formulas regulated by law (article 2 of ministerial decree 524 of 1996) to prepare alcohol-based perfumes.

Special denatured ethyl alcohol is used in hair spray, hair dye creams and nail products.

However, it would be reductive and limiting to only restrict it to the cosmetics sector.

It is also a component used in toothpaste and mouthwashes (and in general, in all solutions related to dental hygiene), you can even find it in detergents to add the right fragrance.

Our alcohol makes you and everything around you more beautiful.